Opening Soon

Hi Veldskoennordics family, We launched our fabulous Veldskoen shoes into the Nordics in November 2019. We just started to get going in the market and then along came Covid in early 2020. As we have encountered a few challenges over this time - some small, some large - we have had to retreat to the shores of sunny Spain and will in future be supporting our loyal Veldskoen customers from there. Should you require support on any issues, please feel free to contact us on We are also able to ship shoes to the Nordics region so if you feel you would like to add to your collection or like a new style we have launched, please give us a holler at We would like to say thank you for becoming instant fans of our brand and for buying our Veldskoen shoes :) We really appreciate your business and support over the last while and look forward to hearing from you in the future! We are committed to taking every step possible to ensure you are satisfied with your shoes and to maintaining our fan base in the Nordics. Best wishes and a very sincere thank you from The Team at VeldskoenNordics.